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Hey, i've just downloaded the game but it doesn't work. I did the shortcut thing, but when I try to run the game only appears a background and nothing else. What can I do?

This game is controlled using your phone, so you need to connect to the game with your phone's browser. Here how you do it:

 - Take any device with a web browser and connect to the same wifi network as the computer running the game

 - In your device's web browser, type the IP address of the computer running the game (You can find your computer's IP address by typing "ipconfig" into Command Prompt and using the IPv4 Address number)

 - After entering the IP into the browser, a button and a D-pad should appear on the screen of your smart device (make sure it is held sideways), and a cat should appear on the computer screen to show that you've joined

- Drop in as many players as you like. You need at least two to play the game, but it plays best with six or more.

so I did all that but my phone says that the ip I put in search bar is an unreachable site what do I do

Make sure your phone is connected to the same wifi as your computer, and turn your data off. Let me know if that works.

If not, double-check the instructions for making the shortcut.

ive made the shortcut but its doing that still the datas off and I copied the ip4 off of cmd its still not working

oh and ive tried on multiple devices

Cute stuff~

hello! If I did a video of this game, would I be able to monetize it? 

I don't really have a problem with that. I'd appreciate the publicity! Just make sure you properly credit my team and I.

Will do! :)