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Polygona is a game about drawing colourful shapes . . . and then using those shapes to knock each other into oblivion.

Draw your own shape in simple connect-the-dots style, choose its point of rotation, and take it into battle with up to 7 other friends. Vote on one of the four available stages and get ready to fight!

Combat in Polygona is all about pushing your opponents out of bounds. Knock them into the bounds of the white box, and they're out. Push other players around by moving into them while twisting and turning to gain the advantage. Pull off a quick spin to send them reeling, but time it well, or you'll be left vulnerable.

Matches only go until one player has won twice, so you frequently get the chance to switch up your shape.

Keyboard Controls
Polygona is best played with controllers, but if you do not have enough controllers, up to four players can play on the keyboard.

There are button-prompts within the game that refer to the buttons on the controllers. Simply substitute the prompts for their equivalents on the keyboard.

  1. Left stick = WASD, A/right bumper = E, B/left bumper = Q
  2. Left stick = arrow keys, A/right bumper = enter, B/left bumper = right shift
  3. Left stick = IJKL, A/right bumper = O, B/left bumper = U
  4. Left stick = numpad 8456, A/right bumper = numpad 9, B/left bumper = numpad 7 (make sure num lock is on)

More information

Published 86 days ago
Tags8-player, Abstract, brawler, Multiplayer, shapes
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2 - 8


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