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Alice just woke up in a strange place, and she's hungry. There's a giant cake, but it's locked away... Gonna have to just eat mushrooms for now.

Gradually learn to identify each of the randomly-coloured mushroom types and learn their effects, and then use them to your advantage to collect keys! It's the only way to unlock the path to the cake.


  • Mouse and Keyboard: WASD to move, mouse to look, space to jump, E to eat mushrooms
  • Xbox controller: left stick to move, right stick to look, A to jump, X to eat mushrooms
  • Press escape to quit

Install instructions

There are two Windows builds, the standard one with only colours to tell mushrooms apart, and another with letters to help colourblind folks. 

Download either zip and extract it. Double click the .exe file to play! You can play with mouse and keyboard or an Xbox controller.


Alice in Diceland Windows Build.zip 35 MB
Alice in Diceland Colourblind (Windows).zip 35 MB

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