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Blind is an audio game. There are no visuals at all,  so players must navigate the world by listening to environmental sounds, feeling their way along walls, and following the sound of music.

This game is simply about finding your way, and finding music. There are musical instruments hidden throughout the short adventure for you to collect. If you can reach the end, you will hear the instruments you found create a symphony.

Blind is best experienced with stereo headphones in a quiet environment.

Controls are simple, and should be easy for casual players to pick up.

As the name implies, Blind is fully playable by players who cannot see.


The entire game (design, programming, sound, music, etc.) was created by Nathan Powless-Lynes

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorNathan Powless-Lynes
TagsAudio, audio-game, blind, Exploration, listen, Music, sound
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilityBlind friendly


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I've walked forever to the right and then to the left, could not find anything... I really wanted to experience the game though. 

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I'm so sorry about that, I made the first area too difficult, and the controls are hard to understand. Pressing left or right simply rotates you in place 45 degrees at a time, and pressing up and down move you forward and backwards. If you really want to experience the game, you can try starting it up again, and after you are transported from the tutorial area, take the following precise steps:

Slowly press the left arrow key twice, then press the up arrow key twice. This will line you up with the exit.

Press the left arrow key twice again to face the exit hallway.

Press and hold the up arrow key to walk until you hit a wall. Then press the left arrow key twice again to face out of the building.

Press and hold the up arrow key again to walk out of the building. You should step out onto a gravel shore. From here you should be able to hear the ocean in front of you, and some whistling to your right. I'll leave the rest of the adventure up to you.

Again, apologies, and I hope you enjoy playing if you choose to return to it!

I walked around for a while but I wasn't able to find anything except the wall.  Can you give me a hint of what I should be listening for to get past the first area?

Ha, I have serious regrets about the design of that first area, it's far too difficult for first-time players. It's a rectangular room with one opening, and you should hear the sound of the ocean coming from it. Follow that sound, and the hallway will turn left, and you'll be out. Be sure to turn your sound up.