Death's job is to reap the souls of the dying. One touch, and they pass to the next life. Death has a soul to reap, but their house is full of cats! Death loves cats, but if she touches them, they will die! Guide her through the house, step by step, and try not to touch any cats.

In Death on the Catwalk, you control each of death's feet individually. Alternate between them to walk around.

Keyboard: WASD for left leg, arrow keys for right leg, shift to crouch

Controller: left stick for left leg, right stick for right leg, either bumper to crouch.

Nathan Powless-Lynes: player programming and level design

Rachel Theil: AI programming

James Pratt: art

Death on the Catwalk was made for TOJam 12.


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I chuckled out loud. Very nice little game :)

Ha, thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed.