Use the arrow-keys to move. If it's not responding, click on the game window and try again. If only life were that simple.

Failure is an emotional experience for everyone involved. This game captures that experience more accurately than any experience you will ever have in real life.

It was made in like two hours.

And yet, it conveys a lifetime of emotions.

Lose yourself in its rhetoric, and ponder your existence.

Or don't.

Just know, it's not about this game; it's about the thoughts you have while playing it.

Have fun!

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorNathan Powless-Lynes
Made withUnity
Tagsemotional, happiness, journey, life, story, success, tiny, two-hours


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Doesn't start for me. Have a white window with webgl logo in the left bottom corner and Failure in the right one.

Hmm, that's odd. It does take a little while to load, but it shouldn't just be a white screen. What web browser are you using? On my PC, Firefox, Chrome and Edge all run the game fine.

Actually, all HTML games I tried to start with itch client didn't start. So that's something wrong with my setup. not with the game.

OK, that's good to hear. But I hope you manage to fix your setup!

In ordinary browser (not in itch client) it actually works fine. A short one. :) Thanks for the game.


Awesome, thanks for playing!


D: So u can't play any of my games. Rip