A downloadable game for Windows

Tongue-Tied is a surreal puzzle game about odd experiences you have while your tongue stuck to a frozen lamppost. Embark on a journey to free yourself, growing your tongue and becoming entangled in the world around you.


Use WASD or arrow keys to move around.

Install instructions

Download zip file and extract it. Run .exe file to play.


Tongue-Tied Alpha Build.zip 63 MB


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I love it! ❤️


I really enjoyed this ahaha I wish you did a longer one! Maybe with different levels or lore aha but ultimately I really enjoyed this.

I'm a content creator that showcases indie games and games from Jams!


This game made me literallly laught so hard.


Your game was a great game!

I'd like to make a small donation to you if you don't mind, is there a contact point?

Thank you very much! I don't have a Patreon or anything like that, but you can donate by downloading one of my older games on itch that are set to "Name your own price". If you download Catastrophe at https://nathanpowlesslynes.itch.io/catastrophe it will give you the option to pay. Hope that works! :D


Thanks for letting me know! I've tried a few times, but for some reason paypal is giving me an error. I'll try again later!

No worries if it doesn't work, the thought matters more :)

i really enjoy to complete the mission, final tounge tied is cut the whole jam


Totally caught my eye in GMTK's game jam video. I'm no one special but hey from one guy to another, I love this

Aw thanks, that's really nice to hear! You are special :)


Definitly one of the last times I'm licking a pole in winter...not THE last time, but we're getting there.

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I really enjoyed the game. The concept is very unique and the gameplay is fun. It just took me a while to figure out how to collect all orbs. Overall, it’s short and sweet.


Long enough to save the world with your tongue! What a funny and humorous game!

Haha, that ending was great. One point of criticism I have, is that it's unclear what you need to do after getting all of the orbs. Although, I did manage to figure it out eventually. Also, how does collecting orbs stretch your tongue? I guess that's a question best left unanswered.


the orbs have moths in them


lol good job


That ending was so terrifying and hilarious. It broke my expectations and worked on so many layers. A++. 

The music also fits incredibly, for a second I thought that it was adapting while stretching the tongue 😳

Disappointing that I wasn't able to cut these obstacles in half with that saw, and stretch my tongue while carrying the lamppost. It would've been even more hilarious :D

I can see how it could become a whole game with this fun concept and that golden comedy! 

Noticed that tongue sometimes sticks to the other walls for a little. Could be a game feature ;)

The only issue I've got in this demo: pressed Space and character stuck to a ground forever. Quite ironic, as I almost escaped from being joined


I Enjoyed The Concept.

I could see it being an interesting game with multiple levels and puzzles to solve.

The only slight problem i had was it took me a while to realize you had to touch your orbs with your tongue not your body      


Final moment is beutiful


That was awesome! Thanks for that! I wish there was a ton more levels after it ended. <3

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I can get like the first 5 or so orbs, then the next one I can get my body into, but it never collects. I've restarted the game like 5 times and this one orb just never collects. Am I doing something wrong?  I've followed the orange cable, gone everywhere I can. I've tried jumping etc. Nothing seems to work. 

EDIT: After another couple restarts it seems to have collected this one at least. On I go.

I see where you got confused, you actually have to touch the orb with your tongue, not your body, so you can eat it. You probably just had to unwrap your tongue and take a more direct route to reach the orb :)


Very cute game, love it!


The ending was so hilarious! A+ Comedy gold


Awesome work! How did you do the tongue/rope physics? Did you use a unity plugin?


The tongue is homemade :) It's a combination of a joint and raycasts. Everytime there's not a clear shot to the joint anchor, the anchor changes to what blocked it and reduces its limit by the distance from the old to new anchor. The visuals are just a line renderer.

That's smart! I'll try to implement that :D


Nice job!This game creates a strong feeling which I love!

Maybe too hard to build this feeling for a whole game, but it is very suitable for a game session to give the player a strong feeling! 

Thank you, I'm glad you felt strongly about it. Out of curiosity, how would you describe that feeling?


Restraint and escape, especially when you see the goal, almost can touch it, but you have to change to get there

You are slowly accumulating strength until you finally escape

I like the puzzle that cuts the rope

Although I think there may be more "objectives" before cutting off that can make this mechanism use more potential

I feel that this has a lot of potentials. In fact, the "Bondage" we encounter in life has some complexities.

Sometimes we rely on them, which makes it difficult for us to completely abandon them. We must find the right time and muster the courage to abandon those constraints.

Of course, depending on your description, I think what you want is a kind of "humor"? Hahaha whatever, this is just my thoughts

In fact, Grappling Scarf gave me a sense of balance in "dropping and picking up"


I love the ending!!! Great game

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i dont know what to do, i got all the orbs and nothing happend. when i try to jump i cant move for a short time, sometimes i have to reload the game to move again



It sounds like you just need to explore more :) Try following the orange cables on the ground.

Also, never press the space bar! You're not supposed to be able to jump in this game and like you said it causes issues.

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ohhh i just saw some poles in a short to high order and assumed it was parkour

thanks nathan!


Good stuff, and I agree that the ending was great.


Really fun game! The ending was funny


Runs great in WINE!

Thanks, I just found out how to launch an .exe on Linux thanks to you. My success rate with proton has been quite low.

What distro do you use and do you use to launch apps? I used Winetricks but the interface is a bit weird to me. Wine itself acts as a library not an app right?


i run Arch and tend to launch WINE apps through Lutris




Really great work


It's too silly, and it's too much fun! 


I love it! so funny ending!


Incredibly fun. I was worried at one point (don't want to spoil it!) but that ending was so funny lol!


absolutely brilliant


Loved it. Very solid goof. Bravo.


Hi! Congrats on making top 20 in the GMTK Jam! I wanted to reach out to ask if you would be interested in participating in an interview about your experience during the jam?


That was... something